About us



Sakura Nakaya Alimentos Ltda. is a national company founded in 1940 by Mr. Suekichi Nakaya, a Japanese immigrant who arrived in Brazil at the beginning of the 20th century. Since the company’s inception, its main product has been SAKURA soy sauce, a product easily found today at any retail outlet in Brazil. The product line has grown and diversified over the years.


In fact, SAKURA has a line of more than 300 different products, many that are innovative and unlike anything else on the market. SAKURA is the only company in the world that ferments corn and soy at an industrial scale. It also has a history of pioneering, exemplified by the launching of soy sauce in PET packaging, light soy sauce, vegetable preserves with easy-to-open packaging, along with many other success stories.


SAKURA strives to maintain the tradition of making the highest quality health food products, demonstrating its respect to the customer, the environment, and the community.



Ensure excellent quality in all operational processes for the sole purpose of becoming a pioneering company and management model.


Investing time in the search for efficient and effective results conscious that the Creator gave people life to produce food for one another and return to nature anything unused in a sustainable fashion. Honesty, integrity and respect for the laws that govern our principals and ethical conduct.



The continuous search for excellence in quality and interaction (synergy) in the production of other types of foods (categories), beverages and services, and responsible commitment to our staff, partners (suppliers/customers), community (consumers) and the environment.


Perspectives for the future: SAKURA NAKAYA, aspires to become a referential model in the food industry from process to production, transforming simple raw agricultural materials into products surpassing the majority of people’s expectations. As for the reality, it is the pleasure and satisfaction to consume our products. The well-being and pride in working and collaborating with an organization and the success of the business with our partners (customers/suppliers) and contributing to the health and development of humanity.



Aware collaborators and committed with themselves (professionals), with their family and the organization. Valuing discipline, order and ethical conduct and scientific knowledge. Research and technological development with high social responsibility level, excellence and high quality products, generating benefit exchange (reward).



Sakura develops projects in different fields that stand out in Brazil´s society, and also supports extremely relevant entities. Learn about some actions that favor the Community:


Environmental impacts generated: SAKURA believes in sustainable development, respecting nature and natural resource use, especially water resources. It performs its waste and effluent treatment by means of its Environmental Management Plan (PGRS), neutralizing environmental hazards. It complies with environmental standards. It is engaged in environmental education before the community and its collaborators. Thus, it contributes to disseminate in society sustainability premises, common sense use and reuse values (3 Rs and 5S).



Sakura products are exported to more than 20 countries in different part of the world.


Sakura is always looking for new business partner around the world to expend business and distribution of it product to the retail and Food service market to better attend the customer need.


Sakura also attend industries aboard offering it complete line of product and developing exclusive products.


Feel free to contact us and find SAKURA in you part of the world.