In eight decades, there are many successful chapters. Know now some details of Sakura’s long story and understand why it’s also a little bit of yours too.


Sakura’s path began in 1940 with Mr. Suekichi Nakaya, a Japanese immigrant who arrived in Brazil in the early 20th century. From the beginning, the company stood out with the production of soy sauce (shoyu) and soy pasta (miso), two of the most traditional foods in Japanese cuisine and which are also widely used in Brazilians’ daily lives.


From 1940 until now, the world has changed a lot, and our eating habits too.


Today, in addition to the famous shoyu, which has that striking personality that you already know, SAKURA, with all its brands, has more than 300 products in its line, and is present on the shelves of more than 100 thousand points of sale.


Did you know that some of these products, only SAKURA has?


This is because the company is constantly investing in technology, equipment and the development of new products. All to provide unique experiences, striking flavors and unforgettable scents. And thus earn your trust and a space in your kitchen with tasty and safe food.


SAKURA is the only company in the world that holds the fermentation of soybeans and corn on an industrial scale, in addition to having a pioneering history. A great example is Sakura Kin, a noble shoyu with an accentuated flavor and aroma, without chemical additives, the result of a completely new method of manufacture, which makes production more efficient and consumes fewer natural resources. Great for the environment, for producers, and for those who consume it too!


Did you see it? Every time you reinforce your preference by choosing a SAKURA product, you are helping to build a history of success, tradition and innovation.