As a Brazilian company with eight decades of tradition, we know that our mission goes far beyond the kitchen of homes and businesses in the country.

We believe in sustainable development, respect for nature and the conscious use of natural resources – especially water resources. We carry out the treatment of our waste and effluents through the Environmental Management Plan (PGRS), neutralizing the risks to the environment. We comply with all environmental regulations.

We work in environmental education with the community and its employees. We want to share with society the premises of environmental sustainability, social practices and company governance.


To fulfill these very important missions, Sakura develops and contributes to projects of great social and environmental impact in Brazil.


Get to know some of them:


Aliança Beneficente Universitária de São Paulo – is a non-profit organization of Public Utility, composed of university students and graduates from different areas, who work voluntarily in needy communities, through various assistance projects carried out during the year. Working in groups and valuing friendship, they aim to promote education, development, health, physical and emotional integrity, as well as the quality of life in these communities.

Projeto Adote um Leito

It was created by Hospital Santa Marcelina. Its goal is to provide continuity to the care of the needy population, complementing the cost of treatments, procedures and hospitalizations carried out in the hospital that are not accepted by the public health manager, as they do not fit the requirements of the Sistema Único de Saúde – SUS. Based on the basic principles of solidarity and citizenship, it aims to offer one of the basic rights of every human being: access to quality health care. Sakura, aware of the importance and solidarity of the project, has already adopted its bed.

Associação Pró-excepcionais Kodomo-no-Sono

It is a non-profit public utility that takes care of people with mental disorders, teaching the art of ceramics and the restoration of used objects, among other activities. The entity currently has 120 people, and is considered one of the most respected entities in the country and abroad. Sakura is a contributing partner of the entity, and also collaborates in events organized by the Association.